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Financial Planning Consultants and Independent Insurance Agents

Dear Prospective Client,

We thought you might want to know about our Philosophy of Financial Planning and what you might expect from us and The Wellington Financial, LLC.

Our approach is a personal one. We encourage your complete involvement in the ongoing process of your Financial Planning. Working together we will develop a "road map" to help you accomplish your needs and desires.

We familiarize ourselves with you and your Finances and create a Personal Financial Plan, custom-designed for you. Possibly the most important function we serve as your Financial Consultant, is one of a resource center. We allocate a large amount of our time to research in all money matters.

Once we have organized all of your Financial affairs, you will have access to someone who is current in both your personal circumstances and with the World Financial and Economic conditions that could affect you. Sometimes even a phone call to us might help you resolve an issue.

We make this commitment to you: Your Financial Success will be our mutual goal.


Lawrence R Baetens, CEO

The Wellington Financial, LLC.
Clinton Township